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Time to turn your design
business dreams into reality

Give wings to your idea with Transcends' design entrepreneurship program!

about program

What is the program about?

A one-of-its-kind business collaboration opportunity, Transcends' design entrepreneurship program is aimed at anyone looking to expand their business horizons, or take the leap into the creative business world. 

The concept is simple, pitch your idea to our team, get to ideation, take a look at the prototype, get to sales & marketing, and reap the benefits!

What's in it for you?


Presented by Mr. Tanmay Kishore,
Founder & CEO at Transcends.

Founder of Transcends, Tanmay has been in the design industry for more than 25 years, he started the enterprise with only one concept in mind, "make each moment a beautiful occasion and everyday products and spaces around us play an important role in adding that beauty to our lives".

Uniqueness and Individuality are not possible through run of the mill products and thus with this idea "Distinctive Designs ~ Produced to Perfection", TRANSCENDS was born.

What you will learn

Creative Working

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