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Transcends is a made-to-order customized theme-based product manufacturer and the ultimate destination for anyone looking for premium or customized products for home, workspace, or events. 


Transcends works with quality in mind for the industry, to add an edge to corporate gifts, and customized decor. 

Each product is carefully developed with the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology like laser cutting, CNC machining, and various printing techniques coupled with the precision of skilled craftsmen. What's more, is a wide range of products and customization options to choose from. With such a vast category, we have something for everyone.

"Beauty transcends figure, Life transcends form, Tradition transcends time, Art transcends Space, Celebration transcends occasion."


Have a look at our journey...

Established in ____ we have successfully customized decor, merchandise, and gifts for more than _____ clients across the globe. 


Out-of-this-world ideas are made with love in India. 

Based in Prayagraj, we operate with a workforce comprising of artisans that excel in their skill and bring magic to every piece manufactured, our team, takes the efforts to understand your requirement carefully and put forward the solution that looks pleasing to the eyes, portrays your message and leaves an impact on everyone as per your budget. 

Be it corporate gifts, custom memorabilia, decor, art, custom nameplates, made to order furniture - we make sure to add a transcends touch to it.

Steps to create the magic

Directed at made-to-order items, our ideal client is anyone looking for thematic products in bulk quantities - a hotel, event management company, gifting store, or anyone looking for unique customized merchandise for an event. 

At Transcends, we believe in the magic of designing and hence curate every product with utmost precision and care. 

Take a look at our ideation process to get a behind-the-scenes view of your Transcend product.

 A look at our production unit

Our three step ideation process



We kick off the development process with a demo meeting with our director, who shall thoroughly understand and help with the ideation process. Once the design and emotion behind the product are briefed, we proceed to the next.



Next comes the sampling stage where the idea is converted to reality - the materials are sourced, production flow is defined and a prototype is created. This prototype goes through inspection and is then presented to you for approval. 


Manufacturing flow & set up

Once the prototype is approved and materials are sourced, the manufacturing line is set up accordingly - quality checks are put into place, and a stepwise strategy is made to ensure a good quality end product that reaches you.  

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