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This TD-072 Accessories Organizer is perfect for organizing and storing your daily use accessories - Mobile, Watch, Spectacles or Glares, Pens, Wallet, Key. Keep it on your side table in your bedroom or office and keep your table clutter free. This organizer is made of MDF with a laminate wood finish on top. It is easy to assemble, shipped flat in 3 pieces, just slide the two small shelves inside the bigger base & its ready to use. A great addition to any home or office.

In this Organizer you have a charging station for your phone!  No one can live without pockets in their pants. This Organizer is a carry all tray to hold the important contents of your pocket. Instead of dumping the contents of your pockets and wearable accessories on the nightstand or coffee table at the end of the day, keep your everyday carry organized and in one place. with your personal modular organizer.

TD-072 Accessories Organizer

SKU: TD-072
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