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Moods & moments feature wall

Create a feature wall in your home which is as unique and individual as you are.

Moods' n Moments Feature wall is creating a wall with framed pictures. These are not just any pictures but specially selected ones as per the theme you pick and decide.

Step by step process

  1. Choose the room and wall - Depends whether you wish to do that for your drawing or living room where you have friends' family and guests visiting you or your bedroom or kids' room. A big blank wall that you see in your home is an open invitation and could be your first choice.

  2. Decide on the theme - if it's the kids room it has to be about them and subjects of their interest. If it's the Living room it could be about the family it's history, values or lovable moments. If you are in love with a theme or thought, then you choose the room or wall as a second step, and this obviously becomes the first step.

  3. Wall Measurements - Viewing area is between 3ft from floor and up to 8ft. The length has to be measured so that the number of frames and sizes can be determined.

  4. Select photos - it's an arduous task of selecting the best ones. Grade them as must have and optional so that when it comes to sizes and numbers you are able to take a call.

  5. Type of Frame - Decide on the color of the Mouldings. It could be single color and style or maybe two or more depends on individual preference. Same applies to the sizes as well. It could be prints with glasses or prints on canvas. For assistance in creating this feature wall you can send an email to or call +91 9415218282

(Credit - Thanks to Mr.s Amrita Agarwal for providing the photo of their living room.

Feature Wall by Transcends)

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